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A subreddit dedicated to the South Korean boy group 방탄소년단, most commonly known as BTS, Beyond the Scene, or Bangtan Boys. Bts Hyung line reaction to you being cuddly / clingy . Read Baby Break Up || J-hope from the story BTS Reaction/Imagines/Short Stories/ Scenarios by ayushisushi (ayushi sushi スシ) with 10,878 reads. BTS Reaction to dents in the wall after a hot night (little nsfw) A/N: This was requested by anonymous, the reactions may be slightly nsfw, gifs not mine -Admin Shell :) Request: How would bts react This is the remixed version of “MIC Drop” by BTS. BTS reaction to your child walking in on you (Hyung Line) This was actually quite hard to write, but it may be one of my favourite things that I’ve written Also, thank you guys so much for 3,000 BTS reaction to finding daddy smut on your phone I’ve been waiting for SO LONG for someone to request this heheh “warning: the following content is for mature minds only ;) requested by anon: BTS’ BTS - Reaction to You Accidently Hitting Their Crotch As requested. Enjoy! Kim Seokjin You were sitting on the couch eating some soup Jin BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. " BTS Reaction to You Sleeping In Their Bed While You're Sick A/N: There’s so many reactions that are going to come out this week, heads up baby stars! Keep smiling and I hope you enjoy this and your BTS Reaction to You Having Soft Hair 24/7. “Damn baby, that could fix California’s drought” -Admin JC YUGYEOM: He’d be Bts reaction to you loveing it when they hip thrust in there dances Jin. The 20-year-old is known for belting out ballads on stage and “ Can I get a BTS reaction to you releasing a new music video and it’s a really sexy concept ” Rap Monster: Damn, he watches it so much. If they have a hyperlink they are available. Namjoon would halt his movements when he was fully inside you, smiling down at you sweetly as his hand cupped your cheek. BTS Jungkook's older brother unleashes adorable never-before-seen baby photos 2019 6Theory Media, LLC. 11. request: “[. Jin: He would roll over and be woken up with your legs being tangled in his with your face inches away from his. Hyung Line • Maknae Line BTS Reaction | You getting jealous Each reaction is written in a different era, plus a little bit of my imagination. Thank you for requesting @sarinna-diabolik i hope you like it 💜! Jin: He actually likes the fact that you are not scared to put him in his place BTS Reaction: When You Do “Baby you’re so cute aww you should dance more often!” He squealed while leaving kisses all over your face, making you giggle at him. BTS REACTION: their newborn grabbing their finger. Rap Monster: Watches you interact with the boys, looking so innocent and sweet. ]if you can do a reactions where their s/o is not on the skinny side and all their members were hanging out and decided to go to eat but since there were many of them their s/o had to sit on their lap or something but they could feel how tense you were trying not to squish them?[. BTS Yandere! Mafia! AU. I could just imagine how great these boys would be as expecting fathers. Y, according to the following statement by the BTS Mafia!AU Reaction to you having a smart mouth. He couldn’t believe, well he could because it was you. Hi! We are BTS!! GOT7 Reaction to - (NSFW Warning) NSFW WARNING You squirting BAMBAM: He’d be so cocky. Seokjin: You had warned him not to tickle you. S e o k j I n. can you do a reaction where you call them 'baby boy' for the first time and they really  May 9, 2018 Can you do a long reaction to BTS and their child filming an episode for The Return Of Superman. Read BTS Finding a Baby at the Doorstep from the story bts scenarios by bangtanistry (jean. ) JINYou and Jin were He is the second member of BTS to release a mixtape, following Rap Monster’s RM last year. Baby Jimin. it took me a  May 19, 2017 BTS Reaction: Their child walking for the first time Jin: You'd call his name as he was facing the other direction and he'd turn around  Jul 13, 2018 Request: Hello, could you please do a BTS reaction to their child accidentally hitting/kicking them in the balls or something? I'm sorry I'm  Dec 7, 2017 BTS Reaction - Bringing Their Newborn Home With Their Wife Thank you @ jiminie-jams-bts for requesting! Bias: Jimin P. J-Hope: *He’d panic and would be frozen to the spot and it BTS Reaction: You Hugging Them from Behind While They’re Making Pancakes Jin. S, all the babies in  Feb 1, 2017 BTS Reaction to Holding Their Child for the First Time Jin: This would be such a special moment for Jin. But as soon he would look at you, he would raised an eyebrow. Throughout the impassioned 10-track Agust D, Suga added a new element to his career, separating his J-Hope: “The boys are gone, baby, come here and show me how bad you can be” that gif tho omg rude. #BTS #btsworldtour #btsatmetlife #btsreaction Today we are reacting to jungkook being bangtan's baby on Squishy Min Yoongi Channel. Originally posted by hobies tags: bts bts reaction bts reactions bangtan bangtan reactions rapmon namjoon suga yoongi jin seokjin jhope hoseok jimin v taehyung jungkook jeongguk Disclaimer We, in no way, are affiliated with BTS, otherwise known as 방탄소년단, or BigHit Entertainment. Not just to you, but to your son too. In group photos, you can pick him out by his seriously adorable baby BTS Reaction to - You sleeping half naked HOSEOK: Coming home from a long day of practice he’d see you peacefully sleeping on the couch. BTS Reaction to Requested by @milk-tea-tae REACTION. The Murisan's Family Vlogs 50,843 views 21:08 bts reaction: they have a mommy kink/call you mommy thank you sm for your request, baby! this request is right up my alley. BTS reaction to their S/O calling their name multiple times and saying ‘I love you’ BTS reaction to their S/O being cuddly. bts reaction: you call them daddy during sex hey everyone! thank you anon for requesting, i hope you like it! ;) → masterlist → commissions & donations jin: your hands clutched the soft blankets Meet Jungkook from BTS: the baby of the group who belts out the ballads. warnings: swearing, hints at smut, lowercase is intentional, unedited. Thank yo so much for the request I hope you like it <3. But once you find out what really is going on, you can’t handle it and run away. Tis very naughty so shield your eyes and bathe yourselves in holy BTS Rapline reaction to you being a cat person “Request: BTS rapline reaction to you being a cat person maybe? Masterlist ♥︎ Request ☾ A/n: Ahhh~ I’m so sorry for the long wait, hope you like this 😓 BTS Reaction | you having to sit on their lap and trying not to squish them. Bts reaction to public turning on a toy Request: Omg I need a reaction from bts to that vibrator situation, wow, please can you do that mommy? The one where they make you wear a vibrator to which they Bts reaction to you fangirling over their baby photos: Request: Can you perhaps do a scenario where you find their baby pictures and you’re just fangirling over how cute and adorable they are please? I would be so happy if you do this and I’m nervous because this is my first ask ever I’d like to thank you in advance! BTS reaction to their gf crying a little while saying “thank you for loving me when I didn’t love myself”. Definition of BTS in Slang/Internet Slang. He whispered into your ear: “Don’t ever think of that again, can you promise me that, baby?” BTS reaction to seeing/holding their newborn baby I have a lot of experience in babysitting so i’m pretty good at holding babies and actually raising them (thanks to my baby cousins). Their reaction to you killing yourself to escape the torture. M. ) with 35,227 reads. It was a long day in the studio and he couldn’t seem to keep his mind off of you. I’ve only really been using this BTS Reaction to You Surprising Them With Pregnancy Announcement - Ah, I think this is so cute. Gifs are nor mine: Cr to original owners. BTS Reaction to you being pregnant with their baby Rap Monster: I’m going to be a daddy~ Suga: -gif explains it all- Jin: I hope it’s a girl so we can decorate her room in all pink -daydreams- Jimin: We recently invited BTS to facilitate a session for the 80 most senior leaders to inspire them into action and to take personal ownership of delivering our accelerated strategy to transform the bank. :) This one received multiple requests lol. Bts Reaction to you refusing sex (A) Bts Reaction to you calling them daddy on accident (FIXED) Bts Reaction to you being a good at singing but to shy (FLIXED) How BTS would play with your baby bump Jin- This sweet boy would lay his head on your belly and leave little kisses all over saying how much he already loved his future daughter. He had all his guys out looking for you because he needed you home. R. junghoseok, ima Your family loved Jin, and he loved them, especially your baby sister. This remix was released on November 24, 2017 and dedicated to BTS' official fan base, A. . Jin: Originally posted by bangtan-got7-boys. But not all eras are specified. But Bangtan as fathers, oh my god, my heart is exploding. Him: Hehehe it came from my sperm. BTS Reaction to being needy/clingy and wanting affection. (BTS Yandere Mafia AU) Warning : This has dark themes and explicit mentions of self harm and suicide, as well as rape. ~Li & Nina Bts Fluff Bts reaction to you being a BTS Reaction to you while you give them a blowjob (smut) A/N: Hello peeps, this was a reaction/scenario requested by anonymous. Your parents wanted to do a date night, jumping on the fact that they had a FREE babysitter. You sat on the sofa, smiling at Jin playing with your baby sister. This was something out of a baking competition. suga, btsscenarios, bangtanboys. Jin He blinked a couple times, making sure that he had heard you correctly. Case in point: This video of BTS' Jungkook playing with Snapchat's baby and old man filters will make you LOL, because his reaction is everything. The baby kept making faces and waving at you so you did the same in return. Hyung Line • Maknae Line BTS Reaction: You call them beautiful . Y/N: Namjoon please… Him: I’m kidding! jungkook's reaction tho #shookt ctto. When I first saw a request like this in my inbox, it made me wonder if I could make one like this since i’m older then all of them BTS Reaction to you calling them daddy infront of the other members and finally the evil maknae who i have portrayed as an Innocent baby through out this enter Oh Baby: Samantha Akkineni bullies singer Chinmayi Sripaada and THIS BTS video is too cute to miss 1 Singer Chinmayi Sripada has dubbed for Samantha Akkineni for the Tamil version of the upcoming 19 definitions of BTS. ” He tried to comfort you and pulled you into a hug. Jin: Anonymous said: can u do bts reacting to you saying that you like being spanked please? Answer: ooooooooh that’s freaky, i like freaky, i’m so kinky but anyways hope you enjoys bts reaction to you “Don’t say something like that, we won’t break up because of some silly fight like that. BTS Jungkook's older brother unleashes adorable never-before-seen baby photos. In their music videos, you can pick him out by his sharp dance moves. The outline of the man you kept dreaming about just visible. jhope, jungkook, wattys2018. careful not to wake you, or the baby sleeping in the bassinet next to you. He’d think it’s so hot honestly. Rap Monster: Daddy mode activated as soon as the smallest moan reached his ears. Requested: >:} Bts and Bigbang reaction to you having cute moans and being a chubby little cutie and to you being simular to a cat BIG BANG is on this post. He would grin at how perfect you were, Reaction To: You Being a Brat (BTS) Requested by anon: Hii can u do a bts reaction to u being a brat, please? Thank you! I love your blog!! Jin: Usually when Jin said something to you you would just ‎BTS (Bangtan Boys) Members Profile: BTS Ideal Type, BTS Facts BTS (방탄소년단) consists of 7 members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. bts gif jungkook bts gif jungkook boyfriend jungkook fluff jungkook gif boyfriend jungkook jungkook imagine jungkook imagines jungkookimaginesss jungkook x reader jungkook x you jungkook/reader bts imagine bts imagines bts reaction jungkook reaction bts scenario jungkook scenario bts fluff boyfriend!jungkook boyfriend!bts jeon jungkook jeongguk BTS Mafia reaction to you being kidnapped and tortured Kim Seokjin/Jin When Jin first heard you were kidnapped he freaked out. Fate Can Be Cruel-Jungkook Requested He was fuzzy. The details not any clearer. Chuckling to himself. He’d smile when he noticed that you were only in your BTS Reaction to - You sleeping half naked HOSEOK: Coming home from a long day of practice he’d see you peacefully sleeping on the couch. Bts reaction when their roommate has a baby face and sexy body? (Sorry im trash for roommate au) jkfortunekookies answered: Aaahhh the roommate au <3 You guys are so A group of seven le-jin-dary memes BTS Reaction to you asking them to carry you to bed Seokjin You just wanted some brownies. 2017) A/N: Reactions with an emoji (💎) are ones that are to be made. You cuddled yourself into his shoulder and rested your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. Apr 21, 2018 BTS Reactions - Their new baby meets the groupYou smile down at your new baby boy, leaning into your husband's touch as you both enjoy  Sep 2, 2018 BTS reaction : they cuddle their newborn baby for the first timegenre : fluff requested by : anon author's note : hope you will like it. ]” Just another kpop reaction blog run by 2 koreaboos. He was tired and just wanted to get some rest and cuddle with you. “I know it hurts baby, but it gets better, I promise” BTS Reaction to: Coming Home Exhausted and Their S/O Waiting with Open Arms & Food Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request! It’s not vague at all, it’s perfect! ^_^ Sorry it’s late!! BTS Reaction #4: ‘I want a baby’ (KSJ Version) This is fairly short but I didn’t want to write a lot of waffle either. He just couldn’t believe that now he had to share this side of you. We meet again @hello-btsfangirl xD Credit to the original gif owners~ I hope you guys like it! <3. You knew your husband was into some not-so-legal stuff (leader of the Mafia). It was your last night visiting them, simply to celebrate your sisters first birthday. BTS reaction to their S/O being deadly afraid of Freddy Krueger to the point you can’t sleep at night. He just can’t figure you out, you’re like a puzzle to him. ♥ Thanks for the request @mymisstina ♥ SeokJin:He’d probably be calm on the outside but completely melting on the inside. as you got wetter and wetter and your walls close in on him clenching him Mafia AU: BTS' reaction to their S/O being the little sister of the rival gang leader and when their brother tries to hurt the member they kill their own brother. BTS Accidentally kissing you KIM SEOKJIN He would be as red as a tomato, even would slap himself a couple of times, quietly scolding. RM. the pull up show, i don't own the copyrights to the songs but i get the permission from th Hi! Can I ask for a got7 & bts reaction being with their S/o during labor and meeting their first child although it happens to be twins and they didn’t expected that since doctors have missed it. Originally posted by hopefulhurricane. Aug 7, 2018 BTS reaction to meeting their Child after a One Night Stand (w a friend) - Maknae Line Hyung Line • Maknae Line A/N: I really hope this  Jul 9, 2018 bts reaction / their child's first day of school request: Before I request just need to say that I love your writing!! Can you make a Bts scenario of  Nov 25, 2017 Anon asked: “hello! <3 i hope you're having a good day. Originally posted by exottraction. Posted: 29th January 2019 Disclaimer: This is a post of fiction, and therefore, BTS REACTION: Their child crying in the middle of the night. I just keep watching that program and can't  Jul 25, 2016 Bts Reaction to You Calling Them “Baby Boy” “Request: Could I get a BTS gif reaction to their partner calling them babyboy please? Thank you  Read Your Child Gets Suspended from the story BTS Reactions by 21JungHoseoks (Smile) with 7776 reads. stubby-the-dean requested: Could I request a reaction of the BTS members trying to set you up with Jungkook, but Reaction Masterlist (27. Please Subscribe, like and Share with the BTS Army and follow us bts jungkook jimin rm covers (paper hearts, fools and we don't talk anymore) first listen reaction - duration: 21:08. Your husband finds out and comes to take you back. I would recommend working with the BTS team to other leaders facing similar challenges in their own organizations. BTS Reaction To You Hugging Them During An Argument Thanks for the request! I’m having some Grey’s Anatomy related feels right now and I needed something to get my mind off of pRESTON BURKE DOING BTS Reaction: Them finishing quickly due to it being so long since they’ve had sex with their s/o (SMUT) Anon Request Yoongi You felt him fill you up over and over as his thrusts became harder, making BTS Reactions - You go on tour with them (Angst & Fluff) Hyung Line • Maknae Line BTS Reaction: Saying ‘I love you’ for the first time (New) Hyung Line • Maknae Line BTS Reaction: You wearing & sleeping in their clothes . Bts Reaction to their s/o being pregnant and wanting to keep the baby . ______. As someone who absolutely loves domestic behavior, this boy would be swooning. He was no more visible than last night. Y/s/n = your sons  Feb 12, 2017 BTS Reaction to Taking Care Of Their Baby While The Other Parent Is At Work Requested Jin: “Jin you've got this if you can handle five grown  Feb 26, 2018 BTS REACTION: LIFE WITH A NEWBORN BABY. I feel that Jin would really love to be a  Jan 3, 2018 BTS REACTION: Their child crying in the middle of the night. Masterlist. What does BTS stand for? VIXX reaction when they see you breastfeeding for the first time. BTS reaction to their S/O (the reader) being a/n: this is my second bts reaction, i hope you enjoy. BTS Reaction: Them trying to set you up with Jungkook when you are already dating. He’d smile when he noticed that you were only in your BTS Reaction: Seeing Their Newborn Baby for the First Time //requested// N A M J O O N. Running a hand The latest Tweets from 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt). Originally posted by kimnamsjoon. BTS debuted on June 13, 2013, under Big Hit Entertainment, with the lead single ‘No More Dream’ on album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’. Originally posted by missbaptan. -BTS-VIXX-Nu'est He would probably be ok with waking up to take care of the baby and would have woken up BTS Reaction-Morning After I think you’re meaning after “it” happens. Also a little bit of angst ahead! <3 Seokjin You watched Jin from across the room as the young girl applied his make-up. It didn’t take too long before you kicked BTS Reaction to their baby saying she doesn't want to be black Hyungs line : Seokjin: it would break his heart into a million pieces, because he knew how much she loved her mommy; but she was saying BTS reaction: Calling them daddy in public JinJin eyes would go huge, and he would act embarrassed. Kind of. Jin was quite amused seeing how excited you got over the baby trying to interact with you. BTS reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all of the time . You was a YouTuber and posted a reaction to baepsae and Jin always watched your videos so when he seen that you posted one he was a little mad you did not tell him you posted but he was still going to watch it . BTS reaction: Accidentally slapping you *Requested* (I decided to add their angry face at the top when they are yelling and the one below of their reaction of them slapping you. He made his way to your Anonymous said: bts reaction to breaking up with you only to run into you 9 months later and you have a baby, and its theres? Answer: I wanted to focus on their reactions to the pregnancy more so than BTS Reaction Master List Reactions BTS • BTS Reaction to Being Told What to Do • BTS Reaction to You Being Afraid of the Dark • BTS Reaction to Younger Sibling Dating • BTS Reaction to Younger Fan BTS Reaction #4: ‘I want a baby’ (KNJ Version) I hope you like this part!! Also, thank you all so much for the amount of love and support you all have shown me. BTS Reaction: Your Baby Kicking for the First Time MasterlistA/N: This is an adorable request by the adorable @itssunniesworld. i’ve always wanted a little to take care of :) hope you like it! xx → BTS Reaction | Tight Request; bts reaction to you always being really tight when they enter you (you’ve done one kinda similar before but I hope you do this one too) [[MORE]]Kim Namjoon Namjoon’s Bts Reaction to their foreign s/o wanting to go home for their birthday . allkpop BTS reaction when you pass out in the shower. The latest Tweets from Bangtan Translations (@BTS_Trans). Translation and subbing team dedicated to BTS BTS REACTION TO FINALLY PICKING UP THE BABY YOU GUYS ADOPTED - Here you go! Im really sorry I took forever Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE Answer: I’m girlfriend zoning this. 2 from the story bts pregnancy scenarios (+ Nov 7, 2018 Hello! Welcome to another reaction that was requested by: and . What he lacks in age, he makes up for with vocal strength. BTS's Twitter is filled with evidence of this statement. requested: yes | no Kim Seokjin ➳ honestly, he's one of the father figures in bts already so  Page 2 Read BTS REACTION: You having difficulty breastfeeding your baby pt. Maknae line. Kidding. N: N is such a dad, Ok so it would be in the middle of the day, you would hear the baby crying and the motherly instinct kicks in and you start to breastfeed him/her. Because he knows that if it weren’t for the boys, you would be taking charge and making him weak. Jin: Jin: *in the middle of hair styling* Y/N, I’ve never felt your hair before. You didn’t want this. To my lovely anon sorry for being a lazy bum and helping me get off my ass :) You never BTS Reaction to your child telling you they don’t love you For Anon, I hope this works for you~Seokjin Jin was a sweetheart. Anonymous ask: Bts reaction to accidentally hurt you during your first time? (Btw, i love your blog *-* kisses from Brazil ) A/N: Thank you so much! Kim Namjoon. Rap Mon: *open BTS - Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids. He knew just how sexy you could be. News, images, videos, BTS Reaction Masterlist 1) Meeting Them At A Fan Sign And It’s Love At First Sight 2) You Fangirling Over EXO 3) When Their Girlfriend Is Hyper 4) When You Do Aegyo 5) When You Laugh At Them Saying BTS’ reaction to you cumming …around their cock(s) Note: Anon asked this, couldn’t take a screenshot of the request lol. What will bts do or react if jimin suddenly transform into a baby? - choco_chim Jin: “Jimin’s a baby?” Jin would go out of his way and look up healthy baby recipes to feed baby Jimin. Seokjin: You were sitting at a restaurant, eating lunch with Jin when a couple with a baby sat at the table beside you. Okay, Mama Jin here would be freaking the hell out once the doctor suddenly announced baby #2 was on Anonymous said: Can you do a BTS reaction to their kids asking for another baby sibling? Answer: Of course I can. bts reaction baby

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